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The Lonely Chair


This print captures, in the depths of darkness, a haunting silhouette of a woman sitting solemnly on a chair. Her fragile form reflects the weight of the world upon her shoulders. The light casts a glow, revealing her ribs, a testament to her vulnerability and the trials she has endured. The mood hangs heavy with sadness and loneliness. The walls witness the silent struggles she bears. The void around her serves as a metaphor for the emptiness she carries inside. The woman embracing her vulnerability in solitude, reminds us of the human experience. Moments of despair, longing for connection, and pursuit of healing. In this artwork of darkness and depth, the viewer is reminded that within vulnerability lies strength and within loneliness can be found a profound connection to the shared human experience.

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  • Size: A3 29,7x42cm (11,7×16,5inch)
  • High quality digital print
  • Paper: 160gr
  • Full protection cardboard tube
  • worldwide shipping

1. Please note that the FRAME HERE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE, it’s for illustrative purposes only.

2. Please be aware that the colors and paper you see on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colors of the print.

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DIN A3 29,7x42cm (11,7×16,5inch)


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