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Ocean’s embrace


In this captivating black and white fine art print, we find ourselves on a serene nudist beach in Galicia, Spain. The camera captures a beautiful moment where a nude woman sits gracefully on the sandy shore, her eyes gently meeting the lens as she looks back. With a sense of ease and tranquility, she cradles her knees with her arms, forming a gentle, intimate ball-like pose. The untamed beauty of the beach stretches into the background, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the raw and unfiltered essence of nature. The simplicity of the scene draws us in, creating a tranquil space for contemplation and appreciation of the human form. The image invites us to embrace the serenity of the moment and the captivating allure of the human figure in its most natural state.

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  • Size: A3 29,7x42cm (11,7×16,5inch)
  • High quality digital print
  • Paper: 160gr
  • Full protection cardboard tube
  • worldwide shipping

1. Please note that the FRAME HERE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE, it’s for illustrative purposes only.

2. Please be aware that the colors and paper you see on your monitor may differ slightly from the actual colors of the print.

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DIN A3 29,7x42cm (11,7×16,5inch)


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